Discover the essence of Italian craftsmanship & style. We bring together Italian brands from various regions, each creating with their own design perspective, exclusive, one-of-a kind handbags. No need to travel, these exceptional bags are now right at your fingertips!

Distinctive and anything but ordinary.

Designed and crafted by talented Italian artisans. All our pieces are made in Italy with the finest genuine Italian leather.

The allure of a genuine Italian-made leather handbag is like no other...

with elegant designs and craftsmanship of experienced artisans that often spans back several generations.

Carry Something Special

A curated collection of bold designs, bright colors & sexy silhouettes

Maison De Madisse is an online handbag boutique based in Southern California. We hand pick unique designs from Italian designers and import these genuine leather handbags directly from Italy. Our brand's collection embodies bold designs, bright colors, sexy silhouettes and the finest quality.

From Contemporary Trends to Timeless Classics

Explore our diverse range of styles and fall in love with the handbags that resonate with your unique fashion sense.

elegance comes from owning your style


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I love offerING DESIGNER pieces that are unique and special...PIECES YOU can't find EVERYWHERE. BECAUSE True style comes from beING authentic AND HANDPICKING A WARDROBE THAT SHOWCASES OUR INDIVIDUALITY.